At Vitro, Your Side is Our Side

A Message from CEO Adrian Sada

Glass has always had the unique ability to bring people and things together. Physical barriers may separate a conference room from the outdoors or the contents of a bottle from the environment, but when that barrier is glass, you can still see what is on the other side—almost as if there were no barrier at all. At Vitro, that is how we do business. Your side is our side. We see through any obstacles to innovate collaboratively, envisioning and executing ambitious designs together.


Partners inspire each other. Elevate each other. Build upon one another’s talents, ingenuity and ideas to create something better. Innovative. Unprecedented. Together, we and our partners can reimagine what’s possible and make it real by joining forces and approaching challenges from unique perspectives.




Partners inspire each other. Elevate each other. Build upon one another’s talents, ingenuity and ideas to create something better. Our new Mission, Vision and Values are at the center of everything we do.


Every day, the global Vitro team is going above and beyond to create game-changing glass designs, optimize processes and provide the tools that customers need to succeed.

Customer Support

Switching Gears, Fast

Vitro was able to accommodate a last minute change by an American pick-up truck manufacturer to switch its entire production mix from tempered to laminated doors, so they could maintain a competitive edge.

Process Optimization

Learning to Offload Heavy Glass

For fabricators, delicately maneuvering a four-ton pack of glass from truck to storage rack comes with the territory. To help customers, Vitro provides custom training for moving and storing oversize glass packs.

Business Development

Driving Innovation Across Borders

After years of working with customers on cutting-edge Head-up Display (HuD) technology, Vitro's new global HuD technology team is on track to develop three new programs for an international automobile manufacturer.

Relationship Building

Dynamic Partnerships Key to Successful Projects

We know that quality glass products are only part of the formula for a successful project. That’s why we’ve established long-standing relationships with the architectural, glazier and fabricator communities to ensure that we’re all “pulling on the same rope.”


Together, We See What’s Right

At Vitro, we aren’t just a partner who brings you the right product solutions, glass expertise and experience. Vitro also is committed to environmental responsibility, social impact and transparency using a sustainability model that integrates economic, social and environmental responsibility within a framework of transparent corporate governance.

In fact, throughout its history, Vitro has been recognized as a leader in sustainability processes and products.

Together, We See Further